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About Us

ADT Solutions – Advance Development Technologies


Providing you the best manufacturing solutions from concept to market realization. One stop solution from Design For Manufacturing to Minimalist Packaging. Solution includes but not limited to 3D printing, soft mold casing, prototyping, actual material machining, Reaction Injection Molding, Injection Molding, Die cutting, Die Casting, Assembly and packaging. Depending on your design needs, we are able to provide you the most efficient way to launch your product market runway.

Our Mission

ADT solution precision inspired to be an innovative partner by providing good services and on-time delivery to fulfill the needs of our customer

Message from ADT team

Over 30 years of Design for Manufacturing experiences, we strive to provide best solution for your product runway. Clients from different region/ countries, MNC or start ups/ Institution, had entrusted us from early stage development to mass production partners. Clients focus on marketing their products and let us handle the rest. We are committed to continuous improvement as well as bringing you the latest technologies to aid your product realization. Look forward to hear about your exciting products.